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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account : With Internet user being habitual of accessing the Facebook account from anywhere, it sometimes proves to be dangerous. As popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day, frequency of scammers in hacking Facebook account is steadily creeping up and it happen mostly due to negligence of the users as they leave Facebook to account opened in public areas such as Internet café, railway station, airport as well as library where key logger software is installed in the desktop by cyber criminals, which detect and save the login credentials provided by FB user to access Facebook account.

With many users accessing Facebook from their Tab as well as through Android Smartphone or IOS device with unsecured wireless internet connection; it can be one of the main reasons behind Facebook account hacking as there are certain spyware and adware software that gets intruded in the device upon accessing the internet through unsecured Wi-Fi connection and compromise Facebook account as well as registered email account linked to it.

With many users not aware of what to do if Facebook is hacked , they end up thinking throughout the day how an unknown person managed to hack Facebook Account as there are several tricks implied by scammers and sometimes they are thankful to users; who show their slackness by leaving their Android Smartphone or IOS  device at the public place especially airport, train station and library with Facebook Login details saved within it and help unknown people in Facebook account compromise by taking hold of their device without making any effort as sudden Facebook password change is enough to bring users in anxiety.

Here is a short video to recover your hacked Facebook account

What to do if Your Facebook Account is Hacked?

Regardless of wasting time thinking how scammers came to know about the login credentials of FB and hacked Facebook account, there are certain steps that should be undertaken immediately to Recover Hacked Facebook Account.

Here are some vital steps that need to be considered for Hacked Facebook Account Recovery

Recover Hacked Facebook Account Method 1:

  • Open the browser and type the complete URL:
  • Click enter and wait for the particular Facebook page to get displayed.
  • Once the web page is displayed, click on the button “My Facebook Account is compromised”.
  • The user needs to enter the old or existing password correctly and click on “continue
  • Once the new slide or web page is displayed, click on the button “Get started” to go ahead with the compromised Facebook account recovery
  • Once account details checking is completed, continue button gets enabled.
  • Press the continue button to get a new web page where instructions are given to keep the account secure such as password, activity, and security.
  • Create a secure password to maintain the privacy of the Facebook account and do not even share it with close friends.
  • Click on continue button once the new password is successfully reset
  • Click on check boxes of get notification and get emails for alert message to be sent in future in case of sudden compromise of Facebook account
  • Now go to the next step and by pressing continue button and confirm your identity by recognising Facebook friends with their images or input the text sent to your mobile in the box provided to authenticate the account.
  • Once the process is completed, you are authorised to use your Facebook account.
  • Go to settings and modify the same to prevent Facebook compromise by changing the login details, registered phone number and email address.

Recover Hacked Facebook Account Method 2

  • Open the browser and type the complete URL:
  • Click on forgotten password button on the login page.
  • A new web page is displayed, where the user needs to enter his/her login, phone number or registered email address for account authentication.
  • Provide any one of these and press search buttons.
  • Once the user is identified by Facebook, three options are displayed that are “Use my Google account” , “email link for Facebook password reset” and “ text code to reset password”.
  • Choose any one of these options to Recover Hacked Facebook Account with the help of Facebook password reset which is the easiest way for the users to get hold of their compromised Facebook account and modify their details immediately.
  • User is supposed to press continue button after selecting any option to receive the Facebook reset password button on their registered email address or text code on their phone with they can Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Still many Facebook users find these steps complex as they are not that much technical as supposed to be. They need the help of qualified  Facebook phone support expert working with Facebook customer service team with whom they can interact with and explain their problems which occur while recovering hacked Facebook account.

In this case, Facebook Technical Support Number always come in handy during this scenario as creating a ticket to fix Facebook account hacking problems is quite a lengthy process and can make the things more worst until  FB user receives a resolution from Facebook helpdesk team through mail.


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