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Facebook Account Hacking- A hovering Privacy Threat

How to recover a hacked Facebook account” is a question asked commonly by the users every now and then. Facebook is a social networking site in which we connect with our close friends, family and professional contacts and share a huge amount of data. Facebook is a unique podium, where we share our personal information and contact details. It gives rise to the umpteen daunting vulnerabilities and exposes us to hovering privacy concerns.

The condition of compromised or hacked Facebook account is one such severe concern related to the FB use that leads to the life-threatening consequences. If your account is hacked, your personal data can be exploited to feed the ill-will of the hackers to an extent you can’t even imagine.

Prevention is better than cure and in order to prevent you from the malefic intentions of the hackers, you have to be aware of the possible hacking techniques to take the right safety measures. It’s better to protect your account from getting hacked, rather than wondering “what to do if Facebook is hacked”.

Possible Ways Your Account Can Get Hacked

  • Phishing

Phishing is the most common techniques, by which a person with little technical knowledge can easily hack an account. Hacking via phishing becomes very easy as it uses a trustworthy appearance to trap the user.

How it works-

Phishing is a process of creating a duplicate copy of the eminent website’s login page in order to steal the user’s login password. In this technique of hacking, a phisher creates a page which looks perfectly like the Facebook login page, but with a different URL which pretends to be the Facebook, but actually has a slightly different spelling (for example- or etc.).

The user gets convinced by this page and gives his/her username and password. The moment login information is entered, it sent to the hacker and at the same time, user gets directed to the original FB page.

How to protect yourself from online FB phishing?

There are many ways hackers can reach you like email, messages from Facebook, personal messages, website ads, etc. Clicking on any of the given links will lead you to the duplicate Facebook login page. But, before you login, check the URL, because no one can cheat you using original Facebook URL.

Asking these questions from yourself can prevent your account getting hacked with a duplicate phishing page-

- What is the URL you see in your browser’s address bar?

- Can a URL with be fake?

Be aware of the pages that contain a URL in which is mentioned as sub-domain of some other website.

Example-*****.com (where ***** can be the domain name, using Facebook as sub-domain.

This can be a phishing page people fail to suspect and ended up with searching ways of Facebook account recovery.

- Do https in the address bar appears in the green?

The https in green is a secure symbol, that offer authenticity to a URL seen in the address bar. But, it is not a very reliable factor because SSL certificate (HTTPS) can be obtained easily from the online vendors.

  • Hacking Facebook account using social engineering method

This type of hacking is very common as it requires no technical expertise, but some information gathering. The information involves date of birth, mobile number, nickname, mother’s name, local address, name of boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

How it works?

In the course of resetting password, you will get an option of Security Question. This section is comprised of some very common questions asking Nickname, 10th-grade score, native place, etc. Obtaining this information of user might help the hacker to get hold of FB account in a hassle free way.

How to Protect Your Account from Social Engineering?

It’s not always the security question that let your account getting hacked, but the weak password may easily allow the hackers to get hold of the FB account. A password that can be guessed easily by the third person, is considered as a weak password. To protect your account from the social engineering, you need to identify the common and weak passwords, used by an account.

Some of the main passwords are as follows-

  • - Mobile number
  • - Nickname
  • - Date of birth
  • - Name of the girlfriend/boyfriend
  • - Mobile number of the girlfriend/boyfriend
  • - Pet name
  • - Bike number
  • Plain password grabbing

Plain password grabbing is another common method to steal the Facebook password.

This method is mostly used by the traditional hackers, although, most of the users don’t know about this method.

How it works?

Many of the users use same login email and password for some low-quality website as Facebook. In this method, hackers target the same kind of websites where the cracking password is easy as compared to the Facebook. In some cases, hackers create websites in order to get a user’s password. Whenever you register and give your login details, it gets ultimately stored in their database.

How to protect your FB account from plain password grabbing?

Never trust the third party, as it can lead to some severe security concerns. Most of the website developers store a plain password in their database without thinking of encryption. Hackers take the advantage of this security loophole to hack the accounts. The best way to prevent this type of hacking is to keep your password unique for different website/ portals.

  • Keylogger

Keylogger is a software tool that records the keystrokes of a computer and mobile device a device. So, it records everything you type on the keyboard.


How it works?

All key loggers run into the background, but you can’t see them until you know the key logger’s password and shortcuts. It keeps the track of all the keys pressed and gives detailed information of what keys pressed for what application or simply a clean way to identify the password. Whenever you login into a public computer, your account is under threat of getting hacked.

Sometimes, your friend may ask to login your account in their devices with an intention of hacking your password.


How to Protect Your Account from Keylogger?

You are safe while using keylogger in your account. But you are exposed to a hacking threat when you log into a public computer or the device of your friend or neighbor.

Using On Screen Keyboard is recommended when you type your password. Make sure that no one is peeping on your screen while you are entering your password. Windows offers an inbuilt tool known as On Screen Keyboard that can help you select keys using the mouse. Preventing your account from key logger is much easier than the hacked Facebook account recovery.

  • Browser extension Facebook hacking

This method does not give a hacker the complete access to your account but it allows the users to control your account indirectly.


How it works?

When you visit some malicious website or web page, you will be asked to install a browser addon. After you finished with the installation of this addon, it will begin to perform some undesired tasks you are not aware of. Some common tasks performed by these kinds of browsers are posting status updates, liking a page, following a person, adding you to some Facebook group, etc.


How to protect your account from browser extension Facebook hack?

Check your Activity Log on a regular basis. Never trust a third party website prompting you to add a third party extension. Stay away from the malicious browser extensions and install addons only if you trust the publishers and their intentions. These tips to secure facebook account can prevent you from the browser extension Facebook hack.


Every coin has its two faces. Same is the case with Facebook also. Where it gives us a podium to contact with our close ones at the same time it leads to some serious security issues. Awareness is the only weapon that can help us to win the battle of hacking.

Say no to hacking, Not the Access to Your Account!

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