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All You Need to Know About Facebook Password Recovery

We use the Facebook account to get connected with our close friends, family and official contacts. Facebook has a huge amount of our personal and professional data, which we can’t afford to lose. But, what if we forget our password and have no longer access to the Facebook account. It’s a serious matter of concern related to using Facebook.

This Tutorial Describes How to Recover Your Facebook Password in Three Easy Steps

Step 1- Go to the FB Login Page.

There you will see forgot your password and click on the “forgot your password”.

You will get to see “Find Your Account” then you can enter your email address to locate your account.

Step 2- Choose Your Retrieval Option

You have three retrieval options

1. Using your Gmail, Yahoo or Live account

If use any of the Gmail, Yahoo or Live account as your Facebook email, you can set your Facebook password to the same as your email account. Click on the option on the top and then the “Continue” button. After you enter the your login email, you will get to see these options-

Choose one of the given options and you can click on “Continue”. By clicking you allow Facebook to access your email account to gather your contacts and retrieve your email password. Important- before using this option, make sure that you are logged into your email account.

2. Getting a code on the email listed in your account

If you want a separate password from your e-mail account, you can choose the second password retrieval option. Open your email in a separate window to receive the code sent to send to your email. Now you can go back to your FB account and enter the code in the given section and click on “Change Password”.

3. Getting Code on the Number Listed in Your Account

You can follow the same procedure of password retrieval by receiving recovery code on your mobile number by clicking on the third option.

Step 3- Create a new password

After completing step 2 you will land on a page, where you can choose a new password and confirm by re-entering. Now click “Continue” to the button to get logged in.
Recommended- Create a strong password to strengthen the security of your account and prevent it from getting hacked.

Options to Recover Forgotten Facebook Account Password

  • Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number
  • Recover Facebook Password with Email Address
  • Recover Facebook password with Google Account

The above-mentioned consequences due to consistent problems during the iCloud Password recovery can be avoided if the suggested tactics or methodologies and steps are implemented in a proper manner.

If you have forgotten your old password, then you can request for a new one with few easy steps. You will receive reset code on your mail or mobile number linked to your account.

  • Just below the login password entry field on Facebook’s sign-in page.
  • You will land on a page to enter the security code and email address you use to login to Facebook or your mobile phone number as registered in your Facebook account.
  • After entering it successfully, click on the “Continue”.
  • Facebook will then ask to “Confirm password reset request” you need to click on reset my password.
  • After pressing on “Reset My Password”, an email has been sent to all email and phone numbers associated with your account.
  • Open your email or get the password reset code (Make sure that the mail you have entered for Facebook password reset is spelled correctly. Be patient as the delivery of mail can be delayed. Also check your junk or spam folder if you do not receive this email.)
  • If you receive this mail, you will get the confirmation code that includes numbers and letters; enter it into the last page Facebook presented.
  • After entering the recovery code you can restore your reset new password to your FB account.

Wondering “I forgot my Facebook password and can’t access to my email or phone number listed in the account”. In this situation, you may feel life pulling your hairs. But, if you keep patience, your consistent, deliberate efforts can help to get back the access of your account.
To do so, you have to answer the security questions, using the alternate email address listed on your FB account-

  • Go to your Facebook login page and click on “Forgot your account”? Or Can't login? on the top right corner of the page.
  • Fill the form in order to identify your account.
  • Select I forgot my account on the next page.
  • Check out the list of email addresses listed on your account. Click “No longer have access to these?” if you don’t have the access to any of these email accounts.
  • Follow the instructions given to answer the security questions or get help from the friends, or contact with your email service provider.
  • Once you get the access of your account, you can use your account settings to restore your login email address. Give an additional email address to your account for Facebook recovery.

You can also recover your FB password using your Gmail account if it is linked or registered with Facebook. Follow these simple steps to get the job done-

  • 1- Click on forgotten account on the Facebook login page.
  • You will get to see “Find Your Account”. Enter your Gmail address.
  • After entering your Gmail you will see “Reset Your Password”. In this section you will find the option to recover password using Gmail account.
  • Now Login your Gmail account and you are all set to access FB dashboard.

Hope this piece of information worth your time to read and share with the others, if you have ever faced such problem. But this tutorial only deals with the problems related to your Facebook password recovery. Facebook has its multi-faceted problems but no official helpline number to assist users with their problems.

To resolve your problems from FB resources, you have to drop your message in the “ask a question” area and wait for the relevant help. But to acquire the instant solution to your problem you need to contact third party support to regain the forgotten Facebook password.

How to Get the Right Customer Care Help for FB Issues Other than Facebook Resources?

It is really important to get the right Facebook sign in help in the hours of the urgency. Some of your problems can get fixed simply by Facebook resources. But some problems are horrendously potent enough to damage your personal and professional image or can expose you to some really embarrassing situation. These types of problems may include- hacking of your FB account, use of your business page for undesired advertisements or receiving bad & abusive reviews by an angry customer.

In these cases, you can’t afford any delay in Facebook password reset and need an instant help from the expert with an extensive knowledge of the respective domain. Backed by a dexterous team of professionals, we are well versed in helping people with the optimal solutions. We are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to offer our reliable support. Our valuable clients acknowledge us for our prompt Facebook customer support. Contact us to get the instant help! We would love to help you.

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