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Change Your Facebook Password Periodically to Prevent Privacy Threats

We use Facebook to get connected with the friends, family and to broaden our professional circle. Facebook stores a huge amount of our personal and professional information, we can’t afford to lose or get publicity. This privacy threat gives rise to the need of changing the Facebook password periodically.

Changing your Facebook password is a piece of cake if you remember your old password.

  • Login to Facebook using your current password
  • Click on the setting icon located on the right corner at the top to see the drop down box menu
  • Click on Settings just above the log out button
  • Clicking on the setting take you to a page where you find ‘Security and Login’ just below the General setting option.
  • Click on “Edit” in the password section.
  • Here you can change your password by entering your old password and confirming the new one

How to change FB password lead to this series of action-

Facebook login>Settings>General>Edit (Located next to the password).

Preventive Steps to Keep Your Account Secure

We cant master the regular updates of the internet, as innovations are taking place on the daily basis. Its better to take the preventive care of the informations you share on the internet. Keeping agile watch on the ongoing and changing Facebook trends can protect your account from getting hacked and leaking your data, you don’t afford to get public.

Here are some preventivce steps that can keep your account safe and secure-

Keep your Facebook password strong.

While changing your FB password, keep in mind that it should be too hard to crack. A hacked Facebook account can lead to life threatening consequences. It is very rightly said that, Prevention is better than cure. Usually, a password that contains the mix of letters, numbers and special character is considered as strong.

Facebook password change code, that you receive on your mail for password recovery also comprises the mix of letters and numbers.

Don’t share your Facebook login information with anyone.

The moment you share your login information you think is reliable, the very moment you get exposed to innumerable privacy threats. Your account can be used to feed one’s ill-will. The hovering can also affect your closed ones. So better avoid sharing your login information with anyone.

Don’t forget to log out your account if you logged into a new device

It is highly recommended to you that, never forget to log out your account, if you log in using new account details. If you left your account logged in into a new device, then one can exploit your personal information for his malicious intentions. Facebook password change is suggested in this case to prevent undesired snooping in your personal activities.

Get the help of Facebook customer support, if you lose the access to your FB account-

In case, you lose the access to your Facebook account, it is high time to get the expert’s help in the quickest possible efforts. You can change Facebook password without old password by acquiring the right assistance of Facebook support toll-free number. You should know Facebook has no official helpline number as it is not feasible for Facebook to help more than 1.94 billion users. You can get help from third-party support to fix daunting Facebook privacy threat. Instant help, comprehensive assistance and real-time solutions are some of the main advantages of contacting customer support number.

Hope, these effective tips gave answer to your question “ how can I change my Facebook password?” Keep messaging and making new friends on your Favorite social networking site “Facebook” without any kind of hurdle.

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