How to Recover Facebook Password Without Recovery Phone Number

In an attempt to make a really strong Facebook password, you made it so complicated that you are now unable to recall your last changed password. There are umpteen reasons that can make you forget your Facebook password. But Facebook has given many secure ways to recover your Facebook password, ensuring no one can access your account using these methods.

Getting recovery code on your mobile number listed with your account seems really convenient to reset the Facebook password. But how to do it if you have no more access to your mobile number while resetting your FB password.

You can reset your Facebook password without a recovery phone number of the following methods-

  • Reset FB password with registered email address
  • Reset FB password by answering security questions

Reset Fb Password With The Recovery Email Address

Step 1- Open Facebook login page in your browser

Open your FB login page and Click on Forgotten account link to choose password reset options.

Step 2- Choose “Send code via email” option

By selecting this option you will receive a 6 digit verification code on the email address listed in your account for password recovery.

Step 3- Provide the 6 digit verification code in the box

Enter the 6-digit verification code in the box and click to continue button. Once the code is validated successfully, enter the secured password and click on the Continue button to access your Facebook account without any hiccup.

Reset Fb Password By Answering Security Questions

  • Open Facebook login page in your browser and click on the Forgotten account link.
  • Entered the registered email address in order to proceed
  • Choose “Use my Google account” and click on Continue
  • Once it is clicked, create a secure password and click on Continue
  • By clicking the Continue button, you will see a new slide where you can choose security check options
  • There are main three methods to authenticate the ownership of the Facebook account
  • Verification of security code sent to a registered email address
  • Verify friend’s photo
  • Answering security questions

If we evaluate the effectiveness of this method in redeeming the Facebook password, we will find that it is not easy to remember all the security answers. You can avail Facebook technical support to retain your Facebook account and use it the way you want.

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